This week the triplets will be 2 MONTHS old, and we don’t even know where the time has gone! It is incredible how much they have changed in such a short time!

Though they are still very young, we absolutely are able to see some quirks and personality traits that are specific to each baby. What a blessing it will be to witness them grow into their individual personalities! I can’t wait to see them all grow into unique little humans!

Meet Mila (Baby A)

Our sweet Mila is laid back and predictable, which is great for a mom juggling 5 children. While I was pregnant, this girl was always defying the odds and measured ahead of schedule at every appointment. She was born weighing 4 lbs 14 oz. and was the strongest one in the NICU from day one. Now she is already weighing over 8 lbs! She NEVER cries unless she is hungry. She is attentive and observant, always looking around and studying her environment. She looks EXACTLY like her big sister Amari when she was a tiny baby, so Mama’s heart is especially weak at the sight of that little face. Mila is definitely a very special girl and we are the luckiest parents on the planet.


Meet Colette (Baby B, but supposed to be baby C)

Our Colette took me by surprise in the operating room when the doctor announced “Here comes baby girl B!” I sure was confused due to the fact that Baby B was a boy (Noah) throughout my entire pregnancy. But here Colette was, jumping in line in front of her brother. Colette is already smiling and becoming more animated. She has the chunkiest little cheeks that I could just kiss all day (and I do). Colette is a little firecracker and does not like to stick to schedules. She eats and sleeps whenever she feels like it, and almost never at the same time as her siblings. You can only imagine how fun that is! She likes to eat small amounts all day long instead of having “full feedings” and likes to keep us busy. The twins are especially drawn to Colette for some reason and they love to say her name. We are excited to see the amazing little person that Colette develops into.

Meet Noah (Now Baby C)

I could go on and on about this sweet little boy. Our ONLY boy! While we were in the NICU Noah struggled to hit milestones at the same rate as his sisters. He would take two steps forward and one step back every day. Until one day he decided that he was not about to be left behind while everyone else went home, so he got rid of all of those pesky wires and oxygen tubes literally overnight! Noah is very expressive with his face and has eyes that completely melt me. His favorite place is snuggling his mama, but he will never turn down snuggles from anyone! We feel so blessed to finally get our little boy. He will definitely live a unique life being surrounded by all of these girls! We can’t wait to see the man that he will become, but for now we are just enjoying our sweet boy.

I will make sure to post updates on these ever-changing personalities as they grow. We are thrilled to get to know them along side all of you. We feel incredibly lucky to share our family with you all, and humbled by the fact that you would take the time to get to know our little angels. Thank you so much for loving our family.

Love to you all,

The Sherwins



Meet Keona

All day my head has been filled with adjectives that describe our Keona. Some of the first ones that came to me: strong, determined, and independent. Keona’s name means “God’s gracious gift” and that could not be more accurate.

When Keona meets someone new, I always find myself announcing that she was our “NICU baby”. She spent 13 days in the NICU after an artery in her umbilical cord collapsed near the end of my pregnancy. In those early days we were concerned if she would have developmental delays or if she would always be so much smaller than her twin sister, Amari. And the reason that I feel like her being our “NICU baby” is something worth announcing is because you would NEVER assume that this little firecracker was born prematurely at barely over 4 lbs! In the NICU, she even gave us a preview of her fiesty personality as she ripped her tubes and wires off multiple times a day.


Keona has grown into a strong-willed and independent little girl. She has very strong opinions about how things should be done and she is a bit of a neat freak. This girl does NOT like to be dirty. She loves to read and spend time outside. To mom’s dismay, she does not like to sit long enough to cuddle anymore, but is instead off discovering and playing. Keona likes to be in charge and if she doesn’t like something, she will let you know it! This girl is 2, going on 13. You will always be able to tell her apart from Amari by her signature curly hair compared to Amari’s perfectly straight hair. You will also hear us calling her a variety of nicknames, the most common being Keke, Keeks or Kona (what Amari calls her).


We knew that both girls would love being big sisters, but we never imagined that Keona would take to her new siblings the way that she has. The moment she hears a baby crying she is there in seconds to put a pacifier in their mouth, cover them up or give them kisses. Her telling her baby siblings “It’s okay angel” completely melts me. She loves to sing to them (Twinkle, twinkle little star is her specialty) and enjoys reading them books.


Witnessing this crazy girl and her sister grow into their personalities these 2 1/2 year has been an unbelievable experience. I know that they will continue to be wonderful big sisters and their bond with each other will continue to grow. We can’t wait to see the incredible people that they become over the years, and we are thrilled to be able to share them with all of you.

Lots of love,

The Sherwins