Our family on the news?!

A few weeks ago when the thought of a news segment being done on our family was brought to my attention, it sounded too good to be true. A few weeks passed and the idea had faded a bit in my mind as we were preoccupied with triplet preparations. And then.. a phone call. The story was HAPPENING! Not only was it happening, but there would be a beautiful reporter in our living room just a mere 14 hours later. What do we say? What do we wear? What do we talk about? Do we deserve this attention? How is this happening to US?! All questions running rapidly through my mind…

The next morning, of course, the girls wanted to put 47 hair ties in their hair, wear shorts over their pants, and refused every matching clothing option offered to them. SO fun. We were luckily (with extra helpers) able to wrangle the twin-nados and settle them down enough to talk about our “new friends” coming with big cameras and lights to talk about their “tiny babies”- They started to even get excited.

Soon enough, Gilma Avalos from CBS 11 was at our front door. Her and the cameraman were absolutely wonderful and incredibly patient. The flutters in my stomach subsided as we began the interview- after all, I was just talking about my normal life. The girls were miraculously cooperative. They smiled for the camera and sat (fairly) quietly on mama’s lap. After the interview, we spent some time in the Triplet’s nursery discussing names, preparations, and the tens-of-thousands of diapers that we will be using this year with 5 children in diapers. The girls were so proud to show off the tiny babies room. They have been great helpers with preparing the nursery. It was this room that has gotten them to start realizing that not only are these babies coming out of mommy’s belly but they are going to LIVE in our house.


As the crew left, they informed us that the segment would be on in just a few hours. After informing everyone we know, we waited patiently for the 6:00 news. The looks on Amari and Keona’s face when they saw our family on our TV was absolutely indescribable. Even cute enough that I don’t mind that all of DFW saw my very unflattering reaction picture! This whole experience has been such an incredible memory to share with all of our children.

We are truly blessed beyond measure. Our videos have been seen by thousands in the last 24 hours. Thousands of people heard our story and saw our beautiful twin’s faces. Thousands of people sacrificed a few minutes of their own day to watch OUR family. For that we are absolutely humbled and grateful.

If you missed the segment you can find the video and article at this link : http://dfw.cbslocal.com/2017/04/18/collin-county-parents-welcome-multiple-multiples/

Thank you to our friends and family that watched with us, but a special thank you to all of the people that don’t know us personally. Thank you for giving us your time to watch and thank you taking the time to read this. Please never hesitate to reach out to us, we would love to hear from you.

Stay tuned for more updates and news, and expect lots of pictures and videos of the TRIPLETS on Friday after they arrive.