Meet Amari

You will learn very quickly that the twins, Amari and Keona, are absolutely NOTHING alike. I could not imagine life without these two very different little souls. Over the next few days we would like to introduce you to the twins and help you get to know them as individuals. Though they share a birthday and most of their material belongings, we believe that it is incredibly important to celebrate the things that make each of them unique. So now, let’s meet AMARI!

Amari was technically our first born! She came into this world just seconds before her sister. The moment I heard her first cry, I knew my life was changed forever. She already had me wrapped around that tiny little finger. She is our ONLY child that did not have to spend significant time in the NICU, she was only there for a few minutes.

Though she is only two, Amari constantly does things that impress or surprise us. She has the most kind and loving heart, and truly shows compassion that is well beyond her years. Even though she throws tantrums and has her meltdowns, like any two year old, it is not long before that signature Amari smile is back on her face. My mom often says that that smile could “melt icebergs”, and I sure think that it could.


As her mother, it has been so fun to watch her learning at this critical age in her development. Her vocabulary and memory shock me daily, as I often wonder “Where did she even learn that?!” The love that this girl has for her sister is one of the best parts about being Amari’s mom. If I give her a snack she ALWAYS asks for “one for Kona?”, and she will absolutely never go to bed without giving Keona a hug and kiss. Though she loves to play and be silly, you will often find Amari snuggled up and reading a book with one of her favorite people. She loves to have her hair done, but also loves to take it down, so if you see her with her hair in her face please just know that Mama tried!

We can’t wait for all of you to get to know our sweet Amari!


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