Meet Mom and Dad- Where it all began

Today, we celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary! It is incredible how quickly time flies by, but what is crazier is how much life can change so drastically in just 5 short years. Look at the tiny babies that we were 5 years ago! Oh if we only knew what God had in store for us!


Robbie and I weren’t together for very long before we knew that this was it for us. We never second guessed that we were absolutely meant for each other. Never would we have thought that by our 5th anniversary we would have one child to represent every year that we have been married. It goes without saying that having 5 children under the age of 3 is no walk in the park, but we would not trade life for anything. Even though, raising 5 children together has the ability to take a toll on any marriage. The sleep-deprivation, late nights, hormones, toddler tantrums, etc. are not the building blocks for a perfect marriage. These ARE however things that will teach you multitudes about yourself, test (and hopefully strengthen) your relationship, try your patience, build teamwork, and require clear and constant communication. I am not sure why God chose to trust us with these 5 little angels, but I sure am glad that He did.

We wanted to take this day as an opportunity to tell you guys a little bit about us: Mom and Dad. Though many of you may know us personally, we have had the pleasure of connecting with many people that we have not met in person. I want to welcome you into our life and our hearts, and help you to learn more about us. As always, if you have any questions, comments or requests of any sort, please never hesitate to reach out to us. So here it goes:

Mom/ Nadia: I am absolutely one of those girls that always dreamed of being a mother, however I never would have imagined being a mother of 5. I channeled my mothering instincts toward my teaching career where I taught a variety of grades and subjects before I settled comfortably into a Kindergarten classroom. I imagined that I was going to teach every year for the rest of my days, but as always, God had other plans. Now instead of teaching in the classroom, I will be spending a few years at home teaching my own children. Again, while this is never how I would have imagined my life, God makes no mistakes. I am excited about the transition to my new role of “Stay at home mom”- where the work is sure to be just as hard (if not harder)- My hat goes off to all stay at home moms out there- it is NOT an easy task and you are rockstars!

I love to craft (in my abundance of spare time-ha!), take pictures of EVERYTHING, snuggle babies, dance with toddlers, laugh constantly, and watch movies. I love to learn new things and accept any challenge life throws at me. I love my family, our friends and our God more than anything. I, like most moms on the planet, am constantly trying to find ways to be a better mom, wife, homemaker, and teacher. I hope to always strive to be grow and learn to be a Proverbs 31 woman, and the woman that God called me to be.

Dad/ Robbie: Robbie keeps everyone in our full house laughing. I always joke that he will always be my biggest child, in the best way possible. He has the most positive attitude to anyone I have ever met and he is not overwhelmed by any situation. Robbie has worked as an internet and marketing director, and is transitioning in a recent promotion toward the corporate side of car sales. This new position is another sign that God has a plan for us, as he was offered this position the DAY BEFORE the triplets were born. He is incredibly hard working and always looks forward to going to work, training employees to be successful, and meeting new people.

Robbie has an almost unhealthy obsession with cats (even though we are both allergic), and will often be found snuggling with one of ours. He enjoys looking at silly things and watching funny videos on the internet. He will do absolutely anything to make someone laugh and finds joy in making other people happy. He is the swaddle champion of the world, and absolutely prides himself on this achievement. He also probably deserves a medal for his love of vacuuming and cleaning (Am I the luckiest wife or what?!)  He loves to learn about and watch extreme weather and could definitely be considered an amateur storm chaser (to my dismay). Our whole family is so blessed to have him, as he is definitely the glue that holds this family together.


As you all get to know us better, we hope to have the opportunity to get to know your guys as well! We will be posting profiles on all of the kids individually throughout this week.

Love to you all,

Nadia and Robbie+ the Sherwin tribe


2 thoughts on “Meet Mom and Dad- Where it all began

  1. Happy Anniversary 💑 A gift from God for each year. No other gift can top that. So you are a teacher, I’m sure that experience will help as all the babies get bigger and the twins are precious. You husband sound like the perfect dad. Hope you got or get a chance to go out to celebrate , Thanks for sharing the info. I have been married 60 years ,3 sons, 3 Daughter in laws, 2 grandaughters 4 grandsons 2 great grandaughters 4 soon to be 5 great grandsons , we live on the East Coast near the Atlantic Ocean in NC, about 12 miles away and I don’t care for the ocean or traffic like today. We are both children of God and my husband who is 81 has bad health but God is helping me cope with things, have a great day. Marie

    1. Thank you, and yes we are able to celebrate tonight. We have been gifted a night out without any kids for the first time. I love hearing about your family! It sounds like there is a love ignore love to be had within your family. I will be praying for you as well as your husband’s health. Thank you for taking the time to read about us. Tomorrow I will be posting my first profile of the children starting with the oldest, Amari. She is such a tender hearted little girl, I can’t wait to share more about all of them.

      God bless!

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